There is no limitation on food ingredients but people’s prejudice.

In fact, in Europe, certain ingredient that Korean people don’t think it is edible such as ants and tree barks are used as food ingredients in Michelin stared restaurant, however, we eat bracken’s fern, wild sesame leaf and even pupa that certainly European think it’s inedible.

For this episode, we thought it is time to break our prejudice by designing entire menu that features this ‘wild’ ingredients to give people chance to open there eyes. It might not be as wild as foreign ingredients like ants, or all hunted animals but based on the fact that Korean customers are still very conservative on eating, it is quite challenging to serve unusual ingredient to those who are expecting something ‘safe’ in fine-dining.

We hope we can participate to broaden people’s experience and make Korean dining scene more exciting with this episode menu.


Aug 8th 2015 ~ Nov 3rd 2015