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19th Episode

“Cuisine of the Three Coasts” Dishes Inspired by the Fishing Villages of the Korean Peninsula

The location and geomorphological characteristic of each country play significant roles as food culture develops. The food culture of the regions encircled by mountains might differ with surrounded by coasts. Also, that of the countries with cold oceans must vary from warm oceans even if both are sea bound countries.

There are only a few peninsulas around the globe, including republic of Korea. Thanks to these characteristics, a wide variety of local seafood cultures have been developed along the fishing villages in the East sea, the Western sea and the Southern sea of Korea.

 The ‘East sea’ has a moderate coastline and deep water where the temperate zone fishes such as squid, saury pike, mackerel and yellowtail inhabit. In addition, cod and pollack be widely caught in cold winter.

And the ‘Western sea’, also known as the ‘Yellow sea’ named for yellowed clayey soil, has mud flat and shallow water in which crustaceans the shellfish and the cephalopod including croaker, cero and eel dwell.

 Lastly, the ‘Southern sea’ has irregular coastline with numerous islands. Lots of anchovy, hairtail, abalone and green laver can be found because of a year-round warm current and many kinds of seaweed, shellfish and oyster are especially being raised well in here.

Therefore, this episode presents three different characters of Korean coasts. We have focused on some local foods around the fishing villages. As each village has a variety of approaches to their own foods, we have tried to put a new spin on native foods by bringing some of their own flavor and making use of Western recipe to maximize their potential.


Sep 14th 2018 ~ Jan 21st 2019