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20th Episode

Aroma | Herbs & Spices

 Aroma is an indispensable component of food along with flavor. Food without aroma cannot exist, and it does not come into being without flavor. Utilizing not only the flavor and aroma ingredients possess but also various leaves and seeds with fruits and its skins expands the spectrum of flavor the dishes create immensely. 

 The ingredients are categorized into herbs and spices for this episode. These ingredients in their own cannot produce proper dishes however they play an entrancing supporting role and can make the leading parts stand out.  

 Herbs were originally for medicinal purpose, but as it started to be consumed as a tea, it has been used to bring out flavors of food in many forms. 

 Spices such as pepper in steak seasoning enhance the flavor of the main ingredient and others like garam masala becomes the flavor of the dish itself. 

 We set up a scene of aroma and designed each dish with ingredients and recipes reminiscent of the aroma to reflect every facet of it with herbs and spices. 

 We invite you on a journey to the scenes of aroma as if you are entering into the food with our 20thepisode <Aroma>. 


Jan 25th 2019 ~ Present