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23rd Episode


Fond memories of snacking on rice cakes (tteok-bokki) in the street after school with friends.

Recollections of chasing the opaque, white fog of the ‘mosquito truck’.

The games of my childhood – flick the eraser, five stones, jump-rope – and the ambient sounds of the Disney cartoons I woke up to every Sunday.

Soigne’s 22ndepisode, Nostalgia, was created using both my own recollections, as well as cultural artifacts connecting through generations, in order to evoke cherished, childhood memories.

A lot of thought went into this episode.

I thought about how I would relate meaning to guests, about which stories I would be able to tell through the food, and about other ways in which we at Soigne would express ourselves through this experience.

I hope that our endeavors have been successful, and that you enjoy this menu with a warm sense of nostalgia and memory.


Aug 1st 2019 ~ Oct 27th 2019