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24th Episode – Terroir

 ‘Terroir’ is a philosophy on how soil along with an array of environmental factors has profound effects on the taste and temperament of wine, and is presumably the most important concept in winemaking.

 The science behind it permeates everything we eat. Soil, climate and the environment grant each ingredient a distinctive character. Understanding every inch of the idea, winemakers made good use of a micro-difference of soils and refined the art of vinification. Chefs established the ground of cuisine. And sommeliers created wine and food pairings, pursuing the quintessence of gourmandism.

 Soigne changes its menu inside out every 3 months. Newly curated wine selections follow. We do parings in an odd fashion this time, paring food to wine. Ingredients of similar temperament and terroir are handpicked to complement wine. A talk starts here. On the enlightening notion of how organically food and drinks are bound together, believing the nature and humans who conform to the nature laid the cornerstone of gourmandism.


Feb 7th 2020 ~ Jun 28th 2020