SOIGNÉ is not just a place but the people inside. We work together as a single team to create the most memorable dining experience you can expect.

Executive Chef & Owner

Jun Lee

 Chef Jun Lee, who is alumni of the Culinary institute of America, spent 5 years living in Toronto and New York to sharpen his culinary skills and broaden professional insight. He started his career as a stage at ‘Per se’, Chef Thomas Keller’s restaurant (Michelin 3 stars) during the school and continued as a full-time pasta maker at ‘Lincoln’, Chef Jonathan Benno’s restaurant after graduated the school.

 During the time in New York city, Chef Lee drew some outline of Soigné restaurant’s current concept, innovative dishes with drama-like storytelling, at theater-like dining space.

 After 4years of living in the city, he came back to South Korea and opened the first pop-up restaurant in South Korea’s dining history and continued for next 6 different pop-up restaurant projects.

 December 2013, Chef Lee opened SOIGNE for suggesting next level fine-dining experience by showcasing story driven ‘episodic’ menu that changing every 3 month with iconic dining counter where guests enjoy theater-like dining experience.

Chef de Cuisine

Siwoo Sung

Pastry Chef

Jongsu Jung

General Manager

Sangwook Lee


Dowan Kim